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Volunteer Steps


IF you do not belong to an organization such as CERT, Texsar, or TX State Medical Explorers, you must register to become a volunteer with Hays County. Please fill out the registration below. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. We need volunteers for administration and vaccination. To Volunteer, you must pass a background check and attend a 1 hour ImmTrac2 training session.

STEP 2. Wait for an email confirming your admission and for your code to enter the Sign Up portal. This may take several days since the clinics have already opened. 

STEP 3. 

Once you receive your code, go to the appropriate sign up genius below to choose a date and time to volunteer or be placed on a list of select medical personnel  who qualify to give vaccinations. 

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CODE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED FIRST.****If registrations have reached capacity, please check back at a later date. 

Call Takers Needed @ Public Safety Building 

Wimberley Clinic Sign Up

Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer Vaccinations

If it's a 2nd Dose Clinic, are 1st Dose Vaccines available to volunteers?

No. 2nd Dose clinics only have the 2nd doses allocated to those who have been scheduled for their second dose.

If Supplies are available, do Volunteers receive their 1st doses?

Yes. If supplies are available, we will vaccinate our volunteers.

What if I have a Medical Condition? Can I get vaccinated BEFORE I Volunteer?

If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to volunteer until you are vaccinated, please register through the county portal or by phone to get vaccinated prior to volunteering. Vaccinations are not guarenteed through volunteering.

Can volunteers administer vaccines if they are certified?

We currently do not have available spots for volunteer vaccine shooters; however, we are compiling a list of those available to volunteer with the proper credentials if or when the time comes to help administer the vaccine. Please see the Qualified Vaccinators sign up genius above for more details.

Sign Up Rules

Can I sign up my friends and family too?

No. Every Volunteer must be registered through Hays County by filling out the Volunteer Registration form found on this page. After registering, they must create their own account on sign up genius and choose a volunteer slot.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

18 years and older.

What is I need to switch my shift or if I can't make it?

*If you need to switch your shift, please remove yourself from the sign up and place yourself into a different slot. Please do not send anyone in your place to cover your shift. They will be sent home. *If you can not make your shift please remove yourself from the volunteer sign up genius. The Sign up genius is locked 1 day before the clinic to prevent any changes as we have to prepare the roster for the clinic. If it is less than 24hours in advance, please email Rachel at

Can I sign up my significant other?

Yes, HOWEVER each name must be shown in the sign up roster and each volunteer must have filled out a registration form prior to sign up. Please do not place your significant other's name in the comment section. It will not show up on the printed roster. The sign ups are restricted to 1 person per sign up.

Volunteer Positions

What do ImmTrac2 volunteers need?

ImmTrac2 Volunteers have undergone previous training through the Public Health Department to learn how to use this program and have received a username and password to access ImmTrac2. This is required for the ImmTrac2 volunteer position.

What are the position descriptions?


  • Observe and direct traffic flow in and out of vaccine site per Security Branch Director instructions.

  • Utilize radio communications between Security Branch Director and other volunteers

  • Respond to incidents as directed by Security Branch Director

  • Coordinate all security operations with Security Branch Director and law enforcement agency on site.


  • Screen each client entering the facility for COVID-19. Temperature checks, masks, and spray hand sanitizer.

  • Hand each client a consent form as required.

  • Check each client in for their scheduled appointment using the assigned iPad. Proceed to direct them to check-in personnel.

  • Assist any client with ADA needs through the vaccine site process.

  • Direct Clients to view the Vaccine Information Sheets so client can read while going through the vaccine process.

  • Control flow of pedestrians in and out of the vaccine site


  • Direct clients from Greeting to Vaccination, controlling client flow through vaccine site.

  • Disinfect all high-touch areas in-between clients.

  • Direct clients from vaccination to 2nd dose observation.

  • Practice COVID-19 precautions; ensure clients are wearing masks and sanitizing when necessary.


*Knowledge of Google Sheets and 40-60 words per minute required

  • Receive clients from vaccination group.

  • Take control of clients’ vaccination card and consent form to verify name and email in the system.

  • Verify client’s information in the system with the vaccination card. If any information is incorrect direct client to the Registration Unit Leader.

  • Consolidate consent forms for ImmTrac2 data entry.

  • Hand vaccination card, and appointment reminder to each client with date, time, and location..

  • Direct client to observation personnel to wait for 15 or 30 minutes


*Medical Background required

  • Screen each client for a 15- or 30-minute observation time.

  • Remind client to set a 15- or 30-minute timer for observation.

  • Monitor clients for signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis.

  • Direct clients to the exit after completing the appropriate observation time.

  • Return 30-minute observation cards to vaccine group.

  • If a client wishes to leave earlier than the allotted time given to them (15 or 30min) present them with the release waiver form to sign releasing Hays County of liability.

ImmTrac2 Data Entry

  • **ImmTrac2 Volunteers must already have prior training and received their username and password to volunteer for this position. If you do not have these credentials, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator so they can place you in an alternate section. ***

  • Volunteers will utilize Hays County laptops to log into the ImmTrac2 website.

  • Volunteers will input data from all COVID-19 registration forms given to them.

  • Volunteers will screen each form for the correct information including the date, lot #, client signature, and full completion of the form. If the form is not complete or accurate in any way, notify your Unit Leader.

  • Upon completion of duties the Volunteer will log out, shut down and close the computer.

  • The information contained in these documents is confidential, privileged and only for the use of data entry purposes on behalf of the intended recipient and may not be used, published or redistributed. If volunteers violate the use of confidential information, law enforcement will be involved. The volunteer will be escorted off the premises and removed from the Hays County Volunteer registry indefinitely.

What other requirements do we need to know?

>Volunteers do undergo a background check prior to volunteering.

>Volunteers must be able to stand or walk for 5 hours or more during shift OR sit and enter data with speed and accuracy for 5 hours or more. Knowledge of Google Sheets and the ability to type 40-60 words per minute is preferred.

>Volunteer Shifts are mandatory and time sensitive. If you can not be there the entire shift, please do not sign up.


Will there be more clinics in the future to volunteer for?

As of right now, Yes. Please keep an eye on our calendar at to see clinic dates and locations.