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Burn Ban Remains in Effect

Hays County reinstated a 90-day burn ban during the July 11 Commissioners Court meeting. Even with the recent rain in parts of Hays County, the ban will remain in effect and will be reevaluated at the 90-day mark. Dry conditions and high temperatures are causing wildfire danger throughout Texas. Those same conditions may make fighting wildfires more difficult for first responders.

Burn Ban now in effect in Hays County July 2023.png

Thanks for joining us at the 2023 Emergency Preparedness Fair! Visit the webpage for pics and TOP DAWG Chili Cook-off Winners.

Create defensible space

We've been hearing a lot about "defensible space" around your property relative to wildfires. What does that really mean? It is the required clearance between a structure and natural vegetation that provides firefighters with the room they need to defend the structure.


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prevent wildfires.png
Critical Fire Weather Conditions.png

It only takes one spark

Hays County has seen multiple wildfires in the past several weeks and hundreds of acres have burned. Structures were destroyed. Many of those fires were preventable.


If you're using tools that cause sparks, see the image below. Use extreme caution. Never put down a hot tool in the grass or near yard debris. Make sure to have a water source nearby in case a fire ignites.

tools cause sparks which cause fires.png
wildfire lessons_rev.png

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Hays County Burn Ban is ON

Visit the Fire Marshal's Office

Residential Burning 

(when no burn ban is in place)

No permit is required for residential outdoor burning. See below regarding the rules for outdoor burning. 

Rules for Outdoor Burning (English)

What can residents do?

Prepare your home/business to protect against wildfires:

Heat Advisory Advice

Avoid heat-related illness by taking proper safety precautions:


  • Drink plenty of water,

  • Take frequent breaks in shaded and/or air conditioned environments, and

  • Wear light-colored & loose-fitting clothing if planning to be outdoors.

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heat stroke.jpg
heat advisory June 15_tips.png
heat advisory June 15_tips.png

It's officially hurricane season. While we in HaysCo live inland from the coast, the residual effects of hurricanes impact us here, such as flooding. Visit the Texas Hurricane Center to learn more about being prepared for hurricanes:

hurricane season.png

Add 737-214-1420 to your contacts as
Hays County Emergency Alerts

HaysCo Emergency Alerts Number.png

Hays County Emergency Operations Center

Burn Ban Status

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Vaccine Opportunities

Wild Forest Fires

Wildfire Status



Level 3

Assistance & Advisories

Current Weather Advisories

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Current Road Closures

Sign up for emergency alerts!

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