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Thanks to everyone who attended the 2022 fair and to all our vendors and first responders!

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We're excited that Smokey Bear will be at this year's Emergency Preparedness Fair on September 10! He visited us last year and we invited him back. Found out July 12 he is confirmed. Woohoo!

Hays County 5th Annual

Emergency Preparedness Fair

Ready. Prep. Go.

Building a stronger, more resilient community.

The Hays County Emergency Preparedness Fair is an event that aims to help area residents be ready for just about any emergency. The fair, hosted by the Hays County Office of Emergency Services (OES), brings together vendors, first responders, and other emergency preparedness experts for a day of classes, how-tos, and demonstrations along with food, live music, a silent auction and raffle, plus much more. 

This year is our 5th anniversary for the fair. The fifth year anniversary gift is typically wood, which is an image you'll see a lot this year. We are working to grow a stronger, more resilient community. OES is establishing deep roots in Hays County and we can't do it without our residents!

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This Year's Fair is on Saturday

September 10, 2022

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9/11 Remebrance
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Silent Auction

As part of the Emergency Preparedness Fair on Sept. 10, there is a silent auction. Funds raised benefit the Hays County Area Fire Chiefs Association.


We have so many great items up for auction: restaurant gift cards, spa days, interesting products, tickets to adventure destinations. Check it out on Bidding Owl!

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Thanks to our 2022 
Title Sponsor

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This year's event theme is Ready. Prep. Go.

These clever, creative baskets might contain items needed after a power outage, flood or perhaps things that are needed if someone has to leave their home due to an evacuation order or natural disaster. Raffle tickets benefit BR3T

Below are a few of the 2022 raffle baskets!

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camping basket
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Many baskets were donated by Hays County employees.

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Class Schedule
(No sign-up needed)

See below:


Event Maps

2022 Preparedness Fair Diagrams_FINAL_9_1_Page_1.jpg
2022 Preparedness Fair Diagrams_FINAL_9_1_Page_2.jpg
2022 Preparedness Fair Diagrams_FINAL_9_1_Page_3.jpg
2022 Preparedness Fair Diagrams_FINAL_9_1_Page_4.jpg

Photo Gallery
Check out the cool pics from the 2022 Fair!

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